play-button 08:13

Let’s get you loaded all over again

I would be lying if I didn’t admit I already knew every time you get more intoxicated you fall harder for me. It’s only a matter of time before you’re totally wasted and horny. All you can think about is contacting me and How lucky you are that I even respond. Look how happy you get when I ask you to get obliterated and submit all over again.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 04:43

Step-Mommy Teases Step-Son in Chastity

Your father is beginning to suspect something after you left pornhub browser open to step mommy porn. He’s questioning all the little cum stains on our couch. I know, I promised you mommy would wear your favorite sexy outfit if you got good grades. But your father is right around the corner which means you will remain locked in your chastity cage. You can watch mommy walk around the house in your favorite purple outfit. Then you will be sent you back to your room horny, locked up thinking of mommy plus you need to finish your studies.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 04:24

Life after Cock & Ball Amputation

The gorgeous Doctor who castrated you is also your sexual health therapist haha. I can see you’re having a difficult time coping with the loss of your manhood. Just be thankful you have enough skin left over to create a vagina if need be plus there is a something called femdom. I've already prescribed tons of men who now have healthy ways of experiencing sexual gratification without cumin at all. I am predicting after a few years of fendom therapy you won’t even notice that your cock and balls have been completely removed. Trust your therapist I am highly trained and skill in help men with these types of amputations.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 08:17

Humiliating Date into becoming my Foot Servant

Unfortunately for you our first day went terrible you’re disgusting to me I wouldn’t even consider going on another date with such a pathetic guy. Funny when I let you down I can tell you would do anything to be seen in public with me again. Before you know it you’re in this weird compromising position licking my feet and kissing my high heels. Without even thinking you drop down and obey my every demand and just like the weak bitch I described you submit yourself to be my one and only personal foot Servant.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 05:36

Gobble down your own Cum

I just took your breath away and now your drooling all over every inch of my body. You've finally realized that my wet look shiny outfit's make you want to jerk like a fucking wild maniac. But, I'm tired of you wasting your cum shots on the floor so instead I persuade you to gobble it down during my sensual orgasm count down.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 07:47

Step-Son Cuckold by Step-Mother

Mommy is Teaching Step-son the secrets of how daddy successfully keeps being happily married even with having a small dick. I saw you sneak into our closet the other day when your father was at work. I know you watched me cheat him with bigger men. I love knowing you watch me with all the other neighborhood BIG DICKS. Of course, just like daddy I can tell you wanna taste the aftermath all over that massive cock too. I also know you constantly watch me have wild screaming wet orgasms that have been driving you absolutely insane but you know your not blessed like your father either.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 07:22

Cheating Guilty Pleasures"

I’m sure you’re wondering how I ended up in your bed wearing sexy lingerie. You’re a girlfriend my best friend let me know she is out of town and i know you have been staring at me for years. She constantly tells me how your sex life isn’t so good anymore. That’s because I know you’re thinking and dreaming about fucking me.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 14:45

Corporal Toli4t Punishment JOI

Yes, I tricked you and yes I am a undercover sexy crooked cop. You have been under investigation for some time now. I’ve tossed your house found the money and my backup unit is on the way. I can either take you straight to J A I L and put you on the worst cell block where men are rap4d. Or each Sunday I can come over collecting all your crime money, and of course I'd spit in your face while laughing at your pathetic weakness. You will taste me, smell me, and eat my shit too. You will have your pants all the way down jerking and made to cum twice. If you can’t complete this task you will be arrest and you will serve life in prison.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 09:08

Training & Edging Foot Boy

You’ve never been turned on by feet before but surely after I've trained you to edge for my elegant feet you WILL develop a whole new fetish for them. I promise this will work and soon you will be sending me another message explaining how thirsty you've become for my theses feet. Your begging for this clip to never end and you can stare and edge for my feet for hours.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 04:19

Castrated by Physician

Physician Ashley warning you multiple times that if you continued your chronic masturbation habit that you could potentially lose your entire manhood. After weeks of endless habitual stroking you now have a massive infection that needs emergency medical attention. Unfortunately, the infection has spread and Dr. Ashley will have to remove/amputate your cock and balls. But, don't worry because your DR knows some of the best therapy's for castrated men.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 05:19

I will Finger your Butthole

? New Video " Finger your Butthole" I know you want to be pegged by me but we need to start you off with some training. There are a few ways I gain control of men but mostly it starts when I insert my long fingers inside them. At any moment I could dig my nails deep into your soft anus tissue reminding you that I am the one in control. I love how your body instantly goes limp as you give into me. You have even begun practicing fingering yourself while at home alone preparing for the real thing.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 06:30

Pre-Cum High Heels

Where are you? I called you over to my house hours ago yet once again you’re late. As a punishment I’ve decided that I am not going to sleep with you like our original plan. Instead, I am heading to the strip with my girlfriends hunting for other men. But don’t worry I do you have a plan for you see, my other pair of high heels broke and now I have to wear theses busted old thing. But good news for you, is you’re going to buff them and make them all shiny and new for me at least you’re going to be useful tonight.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 08:00

About to make you R E L A P S E

This clip is really about nothing but like the rest you will purchase and it will make you R E L A P S E all over again. My silky voice encourages you but my sultry look seals the deal. It’s so cute when you try to quit me but realistically you can’t get me out of your mind. Let face it you are owned by me and it’s OK to indulge and give in.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 12:21

Stuff my Belly

Why are you getting hard watching me stuff my belly? Do you honestly have to watch everything I do? Gosh, your so weird I can't believe you are soooo turned on by watching me Stuff my Belly? Is it because you love see my ass & tit's GROW or are you just into women with curvy bodies?

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 20:46

To oblivion & beyond XL BBC & Fisting

Every man deserves to be wrecked by a powerful woman. I’m constantly ask what’s my favorite fantasy and I can honestly to admit it’s fist and large anal Inserts that really gets my panties soaking wet. I get so turned on watching my slaves body shake as go deeper inside him. There’s nothing better something then hearing his screaming of pain as I take him to a place he’s never been.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 01:40

Another Slave Task

You’ve been asking for me to take you into a deeper sub space so our task is to place another online order for a bottle of lose juice aka "p0ppErs" You will then begin to worship, watch and obey me while your completely lite.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 05:09

Glaze my tit's like a Donut

I know you said you were going to quit me but then I went and drop this video. You’re a very simple man dangle big boobs in your face and you instantly relapse. I wonder how many times you can come to this video.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 03:54

Guaranteed Cum drop

A control so many gorgeous big thick cocked slaves men around the world. I make these big dicks follow my orders edging for hours but, everyone knows that I can be unpredictable and cruel. Sometimes I don’t allow you to cum at all even after hours or even days of intense teasing. Every once in a while my loyal subs get smart and figure out a guaranteed way to always cum in my presence watch and learn.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 02:56

Anal Stretching Task

One day you were cruising pornhub when you stumbled across my infamous to oblivion and beyond video. Ever since then you have been thinking of the day when I put my elbow all the way down inside you. But you’re not there yet, you need a lot of practice and definitely much more stretching. In this Task you will dust off your largest toys and begin your preparation training.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 02:51

Mountain Hike Sissy Task

No regular guy would stand on top of a cold mountain wearing a small stripper outfit. Not to mention snapping tons of raunchy pictures and videos for his mistress. But when your cute frilly skirt blows up in the cold mountain wind your penis will shriveling up just like a clit. By the end of this task you will know if you are a Sissy Slut.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 04:05

Cock Sucking Slave Training Task

I've always pimped out my highest earning dick suckers. In this video you will be instructed to open a grinder account, You will make a new profile and add a few photographs of yourself including your dick. You will scroll around searching other nice looking dick in your area. In this Task you will be encouraged to take that next step that one step closer to actually tasting a juicy cock. After a few training sessions you will be really for your future as my personal pimped out slave. I know you will make a good working slave, You will make me the most money, you will be my top earning cock sucker until your retired.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 09:09

Lose Control of your Cock

Go stuff yourself into a small chastity cage right now feel your cock become very swollen as the pressure builds. That's when you realize you have little room to grow But, you love this type of hard core teasing, the feeling of losing total control of jerking. You absolutely love watching me strut back and forth all confident while taunting the living hell out of you. Gosh your poor cock is so hard right now it's bulging out the sides of the cage. Just nod your head and play this video on repeat.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 08:21

Fucked with a Chocolate Candy Bar

Yes, he seriously forget the anal lube the one and only thing I asked him to bring. He was so overwhelmed planning our peg session that he totally forgot all about the most important item. I know, I have extra bottles of lube laying around the house but that wouldn’t be any fun. It’s so much funner watching him panic thinking he won't be getting a session. In utter tears begging that i come up with an alternative.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 06:56

Step-Mom Teaches Step-Son CEI

Step mommy is going to teach step-son how to be a little cum eater. You and your father both suffer from significantly a small cocks. Luckily, your both intelligent and learn quickly. I taught your father how to eat his own cum after years of sex denial, and as a good step mommy I feel obligated to teach my adequate stepson too.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 02:46

High Heel Wedges Tease & Denial

I know exactly how to manipulate you and turn you onto a heel addict. No nut November has you almost bursting at the seams. You’re noticing that any little crumb I give you almost send you over the edge. You have never had a leg or heel fetish up until now. But, you’re desperate, your balls are blue, so eager to bust you'll practically cum to anything I do.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 06:58

Pussy Worship JOI

You’re going to get very lucky in this clip as my pussy turns your mind into Mush. Didn't I picked the perfect times to release this clips? I know your ready to be rewarded for being a loyal & patient submissive. But this clip comes with a warning because it was design to trap you. You will never be able to get my pussy images out of your mind. You worship me, your cock needs me, and you are so thankful there’s no weird fetishes in this clip, for once you get to be a normal stroking male 4 mistress.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 05:40

Cuckold By Slutty Wife

You married me because i'm the best sex you have ever had. But, your big cock has turned me into a complete cock FEEN. I fill our bed up with different men every other night. You've really come to enjoy being married to a cum swallowing slut, all the stains in our bed drive you wild. My cum filled pussy taste so amazing, You’re enjoying seeing me with other men taking bigger cocks. You love having a slutty wife who uses her body however she wants.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 04:17

Gayness Test

This clip is a test to see how gay you really are. Vanilla porn isn’t quite getting you there anymore. You’ve been recently scrolling the gay porn channel & found yourself very aroused. Every time you bust to gay porn you ask yourself “have you gone bi?” At the end of this video you will know the answer and will be instructed to email me the answer do theses gay images turned you on

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 04:40

No Nut November

There’s not much to say about this clip others then you’re going to fail NO Nut November miserably. Why on earth did you think you could possibly complete this task? You’re a horny, sex crazed fool, your balls are ready to explode and right about now is when you start regretting ever mentioning no nut November to me at all.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,

play-button 04:39

Making a Findom Slave

The thought of you being with a trophy sends you over the edge and you know have developed a taste for my natural beauty. You starting to notice how turned on you get when you send me a Juice tribute. Each week your addiction to me grows, Each week you find yourself sending More & More Tributes in order to guarantee my happiness .

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel,