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Mind Fuck

Does that make you feel all better.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

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Cheating Fantasy

You know fantasizing about me is cheating and it totally counts as cheating. Ive known about your inner thoughts about sticking your cock inside another woman. lets face it your wife only gets in the way of us being together. and we both know I am the only women who truly understands your sexual submissive needs. I think it's time you leave her and cheat on her with me so we can take our relationship to the next level.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

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Small Penis Encouragement

In addition to feeling amazing, masterbating to a micro penis is a good way of relieving sexual tension that can build up over time, especially when you have a micro penis yourself. Secretly worshipping Teeny tiny cocks under my control is a safe sexual alternative for people who wish to secretly desire stroking dicks with 2 finger themselves.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 14:02

Mesmerizing Sensual Breast Worship

It's a compliment when I can watch you get aroused just by watching me tease you. Right now the only thing you should be doing is relaxing, worshiping, stroking and staring directly at my huge bouncy breasts. My softly spoken JOI instructions and sensual voice will take you to heightened places where your only controlled by breasts orgasming mind washed  under my breast worship spell.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 06:56

Loaded in my Control

You've been curious about trying p00perz in my company. To become loose and crave a deeper more meaningful connection that will leave your body weightless and your heart pounding.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 11:07

Virgin Pegging Program

It's my job to take the virginities of men who desire much more then just regular sex. The feeling you get when I take full control pushing my cock into you deeper. This is the first time you have had anal sex with a mistress this is also the first time you have dressed yourself up like a pretty girl. After I popped your cherry you will understand how deeply you have been waiting to be taken like this.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 04:34

Hands Tied Face Sitting

The best way to take full control of a man is leaving him tied up and smothered by a divine ass that he will never forget. Once he's Beneath you breathless completely consumed by the mistress he has been fantasizing about for years then she simply owns him.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 02:16

Confession Room

Do you like big dicks or do you like small dicks or do you worship my pussy? You can sneak into your wife drawer and decide while wearing a pair of her underwear.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 07:02

No Touching till you Submit

Your a dickless peice of submisive shit you will be crawling and begging licking my heeling clean while I completely overpowered you with my evil insults, long legs and shiny heels. Your nothing but a bitch boy to mama and your Hideously small cock deserves nothing more then to be caged.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 18:09

Sign your life away

in a Contract with a femdom

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

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Another Chastity Challenge

Bondage and mama

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

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To oblivion and beyond

XL strapon & fisting

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

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Cockold Story

Pregnant in Reno

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

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Mistress In water

You Wish

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

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Good Girls

Sissy Training

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

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Intox-Fantasy Binaural Wave Cleanser

Sit back enjoying these perfectly arranged binaural beats that will cleanse for mins putting you into a deep sub space that will change who you are. My voice saying sultry slutty affirmations taking you into a completely new level of addiction. And I like it like this when your out of your head totally lost in deep breathing. Not sure your ready to play this dangerous game of mental bondage with a powerful women like me.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 09:06

Bossy JOI

When I Snap You obey

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 13:13

Femdom Cheap Hotel Pegging

This young sub dreamed of being dominated like a cheap slut in a cheap hotel by a thick amazon femdom for his 25th birthday.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

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This Sucker didn't stand a chance in the ring with me. Ive been training all month for this fight and I know he will NOT win.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 09:38

Small Cock Husband Pays Hush MONEY

You will never divorce me duh I am your trophy wife In fact you will soon find out cheating and unsatisfied with your small useless cock. But once again you will never leave me I'm was to powerful and hot the thought of losing me completely drives you insane. No matter how much I humiliate you insult you your totally in love. I control ever aspect of you so much that you are even willing to pay mama hush money to keep your small cock secret from our friend. Bet You'd hate if everyone found out my silly old husband is a big fat wimp.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 12:37

Denial Tease & Edging Humiliation

Do you actually think mistress Ashley will go easy on her new pet? Well someone is definitely in for a be edging surprise . Your really dumb for thinking I communicate with you because I liked you for real. Wrong I like you because your super easy to control. In fact your so incredibly easy that I can do absolutely nothing and will still get excited and obey everything I say. Anything I do even denial turns you on at this point. Oh! yeah look how easy you've become so fucking easy and dumb.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 11:08

In a Relationship with Me

Get your camera phone out your task will be to worship my entire body. Take pictures of the best angles of my ass, body and big natural boobs. Gosh doesn't this blue lingerie make me look so attractive?. You have always known that I am way better and hotter then your wife. In fact today you will be intentionally ending that old marriage we need more time together. You can just blame everything on miss by sending your ex the hot pics you just took of my hot body in my fabulous blue outfit. Fuck it send her all of my website and say " I left you for her" being in a relationship with me is one hundred times better then you can ever imagine.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

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Your wife hired me because your a filthy cheating hoe and I am about to show you no mercy while punching your mustache crushing your manly ego with every hit. After doing some research we also discovered you have been also lying for years. I guess it's time you needed a little n hard ass whoopen. No amount of money will get you out of this fight. In fact you will going head to head with Pro Boxer Mistress Ashley Rebel. Be prepared she is tall, she is powerful, she is super fast and she has been preparing for this Beat Down all month. You may be able to get a few small cheap shots in but your definitely no match for this Giant Powerhouse Foxy Boxer. I've convinced your wife after a few sessions with me you will be good & cured from your habitual cheating patterns.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

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Just a Reminder Slave

Every video I get sexier in fact this has become way to easy for me. I don't even have to do much and your wanking desperately waiting for another #JOI clip. Your so easy all I need is blonde hair and a hot pink outfit and boom your back to jerking.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 09:00

Latex & Chastity JOI/ Cum Countdown

I'm laughing because you waited 2 weeks locked in a chastity cage waiting for this hot JOI release. Seriously how long has it been since I last gave you the permission to cum without your miserable cock cage on. The best words I can ever say to you a slow counting you down even though I know your desperate as fuck to cum in 5 seconds.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 04:26

American Girl Power

I told you you can leave mistress at anytime. Hopefully you didn't actually think you were the only rich attractive sub I have. Fortunately I have many high paying sub and for some reason your ok knowing that your not #1

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 09:19

Chastity Release Edging Tease/Denial

Wow you've waited 8 days to finally masterbate and edge for me but this tease/Denial might be extremely difficult to complete. There will be a second version of this clip coming out next! Haha enjoy

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 13:11

Cockold CEI Personal Slave

I know how much you really want to please mistress. Unfortunately we both know thats not you in bed with me so instead I'll bring you along on my sex date night. While Mistress is getting fucked by a huge dick you will be locked in a closet in chastity with a small peep hole. When my boyfriend is ready to blow I will get you out of the closet & instead of me taking his cum facial you are. Now your are my personal cockold cum eating sex slave. But first we need to double check and make sure your good at cum facials or cum eating.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 07:21

Quitting Her 4 Ashley Home-Wrecking Task

She does nothing for you but bring you down & she just gets in the way of us being together full-time. Today your telling that cunt off calling her every dirty name in the book. Your 1 step closer to official fetish freedom. She doesn't understand you like I do. Now your finally quitting her for good. Your task is to follow & obey my home-wrecking tasks. Surly she will leave you after this and you will officially be on your way to being my person submissive slave.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel

play-button 06:19

Home-wrecking Humiliation Chastity Sissy Task

Ready another caged sissy, home-wrecking, humiliation task? Good, I knew after 1 week locked in my cock jail you would be a desperate pig. Your owned and today your about to ruin your real life relationship. Instead you'll be hiding in your bathroom watching filthier porn then ever before while painting your cute nails girly pink. And like a good chastity sissy slut you will be locked up again without touching. The task is to expose your newly manicure/pedicured nails but she can't see your chastity cage or bra. During which you will be denying that bitch of any sex or that rock hard cock. I want her questioning your sexuality. I want your acting for pussy. And like a good owned hoe you submit more Proof via picture evidence you two are in a heated fight.

Featuring: Mistress Ashley Rebel